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Well, Hello Dali…

It’s so nice to see you back where you belong… Well, maybe.

We went one afternoon to the Catalonian town of Figueres, about 90 minutes from Barcelona, to see the museum which Salvadore Dali set up as a memorial to himself. It is certainly a museum with a lot of Dali’s work, not just painting, but art installations, sculpture, mechanical devices and so on. There is no doubt that he had a talent and a vivid imagination but I have to admit that most of his work leaves me underwhelmed. I was a bit surprised to see a whole lot of eggs on the roof of the museum and frankly, it all went downhill from there.  The large nose which you see in one of the photos below, with the two fireplaces, is part of an installation of furniture which goes to make up the face of Mae West when you stand at a certain point in the room. I won’t go on – you get the picture.

Prior to the museum, we had spent the morning at Girona, an attractive Spanish city with an interesting Old Town quarter, where all the following photos were taken. After a walk through the narrow and winding streets we crossed the river to the Placa de la Independencia, which is, I gather, the main town square and had lunch there (tapas, what else?) in the sunshine watching the Spanish world go by.

Dali Museum
Museum Courtyard

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