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Park Guell, Barcelona

The music that you may hear as you view this page is the actual busker who played this very evocative Spanish piece as we wandered through the park. To turn it off, scroll to the bottom and hit Pause. Music currently disabled.

This is a park established in 1900 by Senor Guell, a wealthy Barcelonian, originally as a housing estate for the wealthy. It was designed by his friend Antoni Gaudi who once again proved that his imagination was limitless.


Park Guell is a strange oasis on a hill above Barcelona which never became a housing estate but is now a public park full of tourists snapping photos (yes, I know, don’t tell me) and posing in front of every strange manifestation.

The hawkers were out in force and doing a roaring trade with at least one tourist:

You can never have too many scarves, I always say…
I’ve stopped saying it now
Oh, and earrings as well…

2 thoughts on “Park Guell, Barcelona

  1. Hewitt Harrison

    Interesting – how many scarves?? I don’t recall ever going to this particular park! I must have visited Barcelona at least five times – and it definitely does not ring any ‘bells’!! But this was back in the late ’60s..! The ‘busker’ has some culture . . . .

  2. mel

    Wonderfully imaginative buildings ! Perhaps if he had a migraine at the time ?!

    When we went to Barcelona with Contiki all those years ago, there was a very famous resturant called Los Caracarlos (?sp?)(the snail) where we sat above the kitchen and drank wine by pouring from a goat skin which ended up mostly over our clothes. Great fun !

    A girl can’t have too many scarves !

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