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Doubtful Sound

Our trip involved a 50-minute boat ride from Manapouri across the lake to the Power Station, a 40-minute bus ride from there across Wilmot Pass and down to Deep Cove, then about 3 hours cruising the sounds in another boat. The photo above was actually taken on the way back when the blue sky began to cloud over but it pictures well, I think, the “layered” nature of the Sound. This look was also captured in the next shot which is taken from the top of the Wilmot Pass, just before a very steep descent, the distance in this case adding a characteristic blue haze.

Next, here are a couple of what I think of as typical Doubtful Sound photos, capturing the scenic attractiveness of the place.

I am fascinated by reflections and patterns and am determined that you shall be also.

A waterfall caught by the sun.
The disturbed water provides an impressionistic look which I like. Monet might have enjoyed this scene.
More patterns of light and water.
Even the wake has a beauty and a rhythm of its own.

Out at the start of the Tasman Sea were fur seals on an unusually-coloured rock. The interplay of seal and rock, I felt, was also worthy of note. I have sharpened the photo only very slightly to try and make the seals more clear but otherwise this is exactly as seen.

7 thoughts on “Doubtful Sound

  1. Chris

    Bruce – I particularly like the shot of “water and light reflections” (the reflections could inspire an interesting “point of departure” for an abstract “painting”), and the lower half of “the seals”, with the “swirling stone textures”, I’m imagining as a “more than interesting” triptych.

  2. Hewitt Harrison

    Stunning scenery – difficult to match anywhere else in the world, in my view! Very impressionistic photography Mr Ferguson – love them.

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