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I do like stained glass

Went to St Patrick’s cathedral yesterday. A fine building, perhaps not up there with the  great English cathedrals but with some magnificent stained glass windows. When I have mastered my camera a little better I will go back and try to improve them but in the meantime here is a sort of photo essay showing some of the windows and some of the detail. I particularly like the one full of people.

2 thoughts on “I do like stained glass

  1. the eldest and most beautiful...etc...

    These are stunning photos of stained glass, and I particularly like the story of the french vanilla icecream for a treat ! Good ole St Pat ….a very forward thinking bloke! Looks like a 5th C van as well !

    Your observation of the deprecating attitiude of the Irish mentality is going to take some hard work, Phil, so good luck there ! Very interesting observation and one that seems to be endemic of the whole country as you say vis a vis the E.U outlook. How are you finding the computer system? Got it sussed yet?

    I love the blog you are doing and it’s my magic carpet ride to a country I’d love to visit but unless we win lotto (jackpot $25 million last night) there won’t be me over there any time soon. Sad sad but nedder mind

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