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Glendalough is a monastic settlement dating from 498 AD in a particularly beautiful and tranquil setting about 50 km from Dublin. Our friend Marco kindly offered to drive us there last Sunday.

The Lonely Planet puts it well: “The substantial remains of this important monastic settlement are certainly impressive, but the real draw is the splendid setting: two dark and mysterious lakes tucked into a deep valley covered in forest. It is… a deeply tranquil and spiritual place and you will have little difficulty in understanding why those solitude-seeking monks came here in the first place.”

One thing that impresses is the huge range of greens in the vegetation – you will see it in some of the photos which I have added below.

There’s even a Greenie in this photo!

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  1. the eldest and most beautiful...etc...

    Looks really beautiful with the one photo,,,, but where is the gallery?

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