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YSJ campus

The campus of York St John University is relatively small but it is an oasis of quiet with its weathered old buildings (but some new ones, too) and beautifully-manicured gardens. Of course, the students are on holiday and probably so are most of the staff, so it’s extra quiet.

In fact, quiet enough that I came across a squirrel  who, although he scampered and scarpered at the click of my camera, went only far enough to sit on a bench in a sort of “this is still my patch, buster” move. They are normally very shy creatures who disappear instantly when humans approach.

The campus is quite close to York Minster, as you can see from the last photo below, although I have zoomed in a little for effect, so I was able to sit there for a few minutes on the lawn alongside Lord Mayor’s Walk (even the street names have a romance to them) and listen to the Minster bells chime 8 o’clock.

The sun was low, the day was warm, the air was still, the sky was that brilliant, pre-dusk blue. I thought, there’s no need to take my blood pressure medication tonight.

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