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The Blog Strikes Back

Well, the last blog post was dated in 2017, so it has been a while. Settling back into New Zealand, then settling into a new apartment in a new city (Tauranga), then settling into what I like to think of as a well-deserved retirement, it all takes time.

But now, we’re off again. Not as far as before, thanks to a certain pandemic. We are planning a trip to take in most of the “Southern Scenic Route” around Otago at the bottom of the South Island, so I thought it was worth recording as there should be some great scenery at this time of year (Autumn). We leave in two days’ time and return 17 days later at the end of March.

We begin by flying direct to Christchurch and then picking up a rental car for the trip. So keep tuned in, and we’ll tell you all about it! Of course, those of you who are Facebook friends with Pip will get advance notice of our journey, mostly via shots of clouds and telegraph poles taken through the car window but you may still wish to come back here from time to time, as well, to see how the journey is going…

The Southern Scenic Route

11 thoughts on “The Blog Strikes Back

  1. Marilyn Palmer

    Love love love telephone poles !! Ha ha.
    Will look fwd to photos from the master of the camera.!
    You will be going at a beautiful time of the year with glorious autumn leaves

  2. Hewitt Harrison

    Sounds exciting! If you think you will be escaping the whanau you might want to re-consider as I believe four (inc yourselves), possibly five, of the eight will potentially be in the S I simultaneously, or not….. who knows!! Will look forward to photos of something at ground level – even Autumn leaves falling will offer a change/alternative to F/B viewings…. Safe travels – have fun. . . . ….From a culinary perspective I recommend Fleur’s Place and Olivers in Clyde (originally established by Fleur….)

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Hewitt. Yes, we were aware of the Sisterhood marshalling their forces on the roads of the South. Thought we would play it like a giant real life, real time video game. Which State Highway do we take to avoid the rampaging SisterBots? (Only joking, but you knew that… didn’t you?).

  3. Sueze

    How super exciting for you both, but also for us too. Looking forward to the photos, you both have a knack with taking some stunning shots. I have not ventured down that way yet so it will be great to glean some ‘to do’s’ and not Safe travels to Chch

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