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Moher 2

Moher14 copy2After our ferry landed back at the port of Doolin we climbed back on the coach and headed south to see the Cliffs of Moher from a top down perspective, and this is what it looked like. A spectacular and striking phenomenon and as the Irish say, “it takes the talk away from you”. There is a fence to protect visitors but many ignore it. Towards the top left of the first photo below you can see that a couple of people have climbed over the fence and in the third photo you can see that more have gone over to the very edge.

Moher11 Moher13 Moher18It’s a great vantage point also to look to the south where you can see a more normal coastline around the town of Lahinch.

Moher12As the afternoon wore on, the clouds came in more quickly until the scene was positively apocalyptic, with the sun, the clouds and the rain all jostling for the tourist cameras.

Moher19 Moher15Moher16

This shot taken by Pip through the tinted windows of the coach as we left.

This shot taken by Pip on her cellphone through the tinted windows of the coach as we left.

On the coach again for the trip back to Galway, we stopped twice more at picturesque spots as we traversed the Burren and at Ballyvaughan. The last photo shows old cottages which are still lived in today, built using traditional methods. Note the satellite receiver dishes, cleverly hand-thatched by Irish artisans using very fine reeds.

Moher21 Moher22 Moher23 Moher24

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