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In November, Pip was presenting at a conference in Lincoln so I accompanied her and together we met up with Kirsty for a few days.

The town is dominated by its cathedral, an imposing edifice of Gothic architecture that is one of the most dramatic that we have seen in the UK, all the more so because of its location in a relatively small town. The town itself, at least in the central area, has retained its ancient looks to a greater extent than most English towns that we have seen (York is another example), providing a perfect setting for the cathedral. Built in the 13th century, it was at one time the tallest building in the world, although the spire that made it so has since collapsed.

Just a couple of shots of the interior as well, including a pensive couple reading the memorial plaques.

There is also a castle, close to the cathedral, which houses one of only four copies in existence of the original Magna Carta of 1215. Because of the time of year, with few tourists, we were able to get up close for an unobstructed view of it, although were not able to take a photo.

This trip was only a couple of weeks after I had broken my arm. It was unable to be encased in plaster and so it had to rest just in a sling while it healed. This meant that my walking progress was slow, like an old man’s (!) so I didn’t venture far. Luckily our Air BNB lodgings were only a few minutes away from the town centre.

Less happily, I was unable to take any photos which was a real pain because of the vistas just crying out to be recorded. But all was not lost since Kirsty was with me as the Apprentice Photographer and I have to say she took some stunning shots. All of the photos in this post are from her camera so I can only say Well Done Kirsty!

4 thoughts on “Lincoln

  1. Hewitt Harrison

    Yes, Kirsty does deserve congratulations for these photos, excellent work. I had the pleasure of visiting Lincoln back in 1992!! And I would agree that the cathedral is stunning. I had the pleasure of participating in a choral evensong (no, not as a chorister – that skill, if it ever existed, has long disappeared..) – it was a wonderful experience. And the town, as you say, had not taken on tourism as it’s raison d’etre at that time, which was pleasing. Gosh, not much time left for you both – will we get any more blogs….!!!??

  2. Jenny Newby-Fraser

    I agree Bruce… stunning photos. Are you well and fully mended now? Hope you are back to your usual sprightly self.

  3. Linda Cory

    Cor.. Lincoln Cathedral Is a big one ! Lovely photo’s. Lovely to see. What talent ! and determination too.

  4. Kirsty

    Thanks for the credit, though I must say your Photoshop skills really brought out the colours, so I’d say it was a team effort!

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