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I think I’m ready now…

Ready, that is, for the room in the Home for the Elderly and Confused that my children have thoughtfully provided for me:

I wanted to share that for our wedding anniversary on Monday we’re booked into Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Chelsea! Eeeep!! It has three Michelin stars!  Three!! You can’t get more stars than that!

So wrote Kirsty in a recent email to us.

When I saw the email, I thought, “How nice – a Michelin 3 star restaurant. I have always wanted to go to one of those.” So I googled it to see if I could see the menus.
The only problem was, I thought from the text of K’s email that the restaurant was called Eeeep!! So I googled Eeeep +Restaurant and Google asked me if I meant “Peep restaurant”. I ignored that of course, although on reflection it may have been an interesting site to go to.
Anyway I perservered and found a restaurant review containing the word Eeeep (which by the way I have never ever seen written down or even spoken) but it was not a Michelin star place.
So then I tried Eeeep +Gordon Ramsey and it asked me if I meant “eee pc Gordon Ramsay”. How stupid is that?
The first google entry was “Bruce set to keeeeeep dancing He’ll be joining chef Gordon Ramsay” and by this stage I was so confused that I had to check my name badge to make sure that who I thought I was, was who I was (if you get what I mean). Then I read further and saw that the Google Bruce was Bruce Forsythe and nothing to do with a surprise tete-a-tete that my daughter had arranged bewteen me and GR…
Then “bleeeep Gordon Ramsay” came up several times and it was about at this point, fully 30 mins of my lunch hour wasted, that I came to the dawning realisation that Gordon doesn’t actually own or even run a restaurant called Eeeep!!
Am I the only person who doesn’t recognise the word Eeeep!!? (Or perhaps the only person who did know it, but has just forgotten…)
Sympathetic replies only, please.

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