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Dubrovnik Hotel Views

In mid-October we had the pleasure of the company of Vivienne and Nigel on our trip to Croatia.

This was, of course, pre “The Fall” which has scuppered the blogs for the past few weeks. Since your scribe is barely proficient at typing when he has the use of both hands, you can only imagine how long it has taken this to be written using the left hand only. So it’s mainly photos this time, and as little text as I can get away with.

The hotel we stayed at for our week in Croatia was the Valamar Lacroma in Dubrovnik which was situated at the end of a peninsula about 15 minutes from the town by bus. We had good rooms on the top floor looking out north-west across the Adriatic Sea, only a few kilometres really, to Italy. The views were superb, along with the sunsets, so this blog is devoted entirely to photos taken from our hotel balcony. When time permits, this post will be followed by two others, one on Dubrovnik Old Town and the other on our Croatian island trips.

dub08The Italian mountains (above and below) cascaded into the background until they were almost indistinguishable from the sky.

dub01 dub02

Looking more directly north we could see small villages running along the Croatia coast.


As the day ended, the soft pastel colours turned pinkish on the good days.

dub13Even on the more cloudy or rainy days, the sky was still interesting.

dub04We were overlooking a shipping lane as well and since Dubrovnik is popular with the cruise ships, there was usually some activity each day.

dub05 dub06 dub10The sunsets were quite amazing, with the colours reaching an intensity that you don’t seem to see back home.

dub07 dub09 dub11dub12dub14And then, to cap it off, on our last night there was almost a full moon.


4 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Hotel Views

  1. Hewitt Harrison

    Have never been to the Croatian coast but it is beautiful I am always told – and your pics seem to verify this! What amazing memories you will bring home with you.

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