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Donegal and Derry Landscapes

One major area of the country that has so far eluded us is Donegal and its Northern Ireland neighbouring county Derry. In the rankings, the North is probably well down the list of places that tourists visit, so we approached it with a rather ho-hum attitude, I must confess. How wrong we were! The landscapes are simply stunning, with a huge variety which includes the traditional Irish greenness but also some rugged mountains in many shades of purple and brown, reminding us somewhat of parts of the west of Scotland. And constantly the presence of water, whether it be the Atlantic or the many inland Loughs.

We spent our first night in Milford, from where we explored the Glenveagh National Park, and for the rest of our time we were very generously hosted by Pip’s colleague Catriona and her husband Paddy at their holiday home in Derry. Not only that but they drove us all around County Derry and the Inishowen Peninsula so we saw the very best of sights, including the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

This is not going to be a chronological post but simply a showing of the best of my landscape shots. I hope you will agree about the dramatic impact of this wild and hugely variable part of the island of Ireland. The light was ever-changing. We were lucky not to get very much rain (and if it rains in Ireland, it pours in Donegal, we’re told) so it was a mixture of heavy clouds and intermittent shafts of sunlight from time to time, of varying intensity, and the occasional mist.

Lough Gartan, Glenveagh National Park

Lough Swilly, a lough open to the sea

Giant’s Causeway

Malin Head, northernmost tip of Ireland, from Banba’s Crown

Culdaff Bay

I normally provide a link to better quality photos but this time the link contains probably twice as many photos as are here, so I do urge you to have a look at this endless variety of landscape.

We are coming to the end of our time in Ireland but there will likely be two more posts on Donegal/Derry before we return plus a wrap-up when we are back home so stay tuned!  

9 thoughts on “Donegal and Derry Landscapes

  1. Moira Laidlaw

    What absolutely stunning photographs! What a place to visit! You must be sad to be coming to an end of such a rich time. I am sure the world will always look different now, fuller, wider, more human. I wish you both all the best now when things are ending in one place and beginning in another. LOTS of love, Moira xxxxx

    1. Pip

      It’s tough, yes. Glad you like the photos. It was an absolute privilege being shown around by Paddy and Caitriona too.
      Xxx, Pip

  2. Jackie Delong

    Hi, Pip and Bruce. I have thoroughly enjoyed your trips and these beautiful photos of Donegal and Derry, Ireland. In fact, you have inspired me to start my own blog, beginning with our trip to Vietnam in February and March.

    Love, Jackie

  3. Bim

    These photos are awe inspiring. A place of rugged beauty you clearly enjoyed visiting. We have gained such an insight into your life in Iteland and many other places you’ve travelled to thanks to your blogs with wonderful photography. Bless you both. Xxx

  4. Jenny Newby-Fraser

    Such rugged wild desolate beauty. A country forever in your hearts. Leaving will be so bittersweet for you two. What an adventurous few years you have had.

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