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Cruising the Islands

While in Dubrovnik, we spent one day on board the MV Levanat cruising to two of the Elaphite Islands group, Lopud and Sipan. We soon left the port behind (note how rugged the interior is) on a somewhat cloudy day but there was enough sunlight to create the brilliant colours of sky and sea that the area is renowned for.

Our first port of call was Sipan, a sleepy, non-touristy island where we explored on foot for a couple of hours, taking in the cypress and olive groves as well as the ancient stone buildings – Pliny the Elder mentioned this place in the 1st century AD so people have been living here for a while.

MV Levanat

The water is exceptionally clear and pollution-free – a delight to see.

Then we sailed across to Lopud – much more of a holiday island for tourists – where we sat for a while with coffees at a foreshore taverna (behind the marina in the photo below).

The water was still clear and inviting, enough to attract two of our group of four into the water for a swim.

Then back to Dubrovnik port, under a magnificent cloudscape and passing the occasional cruise ship.

The day was enhanced by our time on the boat, where a duo played music as we drank wine and at lunchtime were served a freshly-cooked grilled local fish and salad lunch.

The 48-second video below gives some idea of the atmosphere on board. Apart from we 4 Kiwis, the rest of the group was Irish and they needed no prompting for a singalong.


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