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Hove07We had almost a week of time with grandsons Angus and Dominic in Hove while their parents took a well-earned break in Iceland. A fairly full-on time but we did manage to get out and about once or twice when the boys were in school and nursery.

We do like the architecture in Brighton and Hove – many very gracious terraced apartments, particularly along the seafront, from Victorian and Edwardian periods, dating back to the times when wealthy Londoners came to Brighton for the sea air.

Hove01 Hove06

On one of the few fine days we took the bus to Seaford further along the coast, passing through  villages with interesting names as we went: Rottingdean, Saltdean, Peacehaven, Newhaven. In the main street of Seaford, a shop selling mobility scooters gave us a clue as to the demographics of the place and the cafes at 11am were packed with what could only be described as old people. (No, no, stop smirking, I mean really old people.) But it is a pretty little village.

Hove02 Hove03We liked the look of a menu in the window of The Grumpy Chef so went in expectantly, only to be told it was the lunch menu which didn’t start until 12 noon (it was about 11:40 and we were peckish and wanting to beat the geriatric scooter rush). You can wait if you like, said the waitress, and I can take your order at about ten to twelve but he’s told me that he won’t be serving it until 12! Well, I guess the clue was in the title. But we were pleasantly surprised when the eponymous gentleman himself brought out our delicious lunches. We could see him approaching from the kitchen with our dishes and although he didn’t appear to be carrying a knife I still half expected a lecture on proper timekeeping. But no, he was charm personified and not only that but he served me the best blonde beer I’ve had in a long time.

The beach is pleasant on a fine day, bounded on both ends by those chalky cliffs that are such a feature of the south coast, but it is very pebbly and hard to walk on without shoes.

Hove04 Hove05And finally a little part of a bedtime story for Angus and Dom. Thanks guys for looking after Grandma and Granddad so well.

5 thoughts on “Babysitting

    1. Pip

      Hi lovey – yes, a real treat spending time, even if tiring. Nice to hear from you! I left you a message on FB today. Love, Pip

  1. MEL

    We missed out on part of the bedtime story…probably how the Grinch stole Christmas !! Glad you survived the ankle biters and managed to do a bit more sightseeing.

  2. MEL

    Ah Ha ! Peter and the Wolf. I used to play that to Splodge and Mark. Far better than the Grinch. Very culturally appropriate !

  3. Hewitt Harrison

    Long blondes and Grumpy Chefs – certainly an interesting mix. Can relate this to a certain pub you took us to in Dublin, The Hairy Lemon……. Glad you survived the experience. Reading stories to the grandchildren – reminds me of my attempt to read a story in French to Louis when we were at Rose & Luc’s – he looked at me as if I was from outer space after the first couple of chapters!! Justifiably I imagine. I did a better job with a story in English (no comments called for……).

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