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We were really starting to get into the highlands now. The snow was low on the Cairngorm Mountains and we felt it as soon as we stepped from the train. Our accommodation, shared with Sarah and Chris and the two boys, was warm and cosy, within easy walking distance of the town.

The first day we took the funicular railway to a cafe well up into the mountains but there was little to photograph so we spent the time making snowballs.

Avie11 Avie12


There were some signs of Spring – the occasional daffodil was braving the elements here and there.

Avie05 Avie06

I went exploring down by the River Spey and found a small burn feeding into it. A quiet space uninhabited by people where the water rippled and the reflections looked good under the small patches of blue sky that came and went. Is this Macbeth country? Well, his castle was only about 30 miles north, at Inverness. Are there witches? Very probably. You can’t tell me that magic doesn’t happen here. (But I have been watching Outlander on TV…)


Ripples and reflections

Avie02 Avie03 Avie04

We spent another day on the Strathspey steam railway, polluting our way merrily from Aviemore through Boat of Garten to Broomhill. But what vistas! All of the following shots were taken from the train.

Avie07 Avie08 Avie09 Avie10

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