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A Special Event

Quite by chance, I discovered that the Royal Air Force is unveiling a memorial to all those who served in Bomber Command during World War 2. This will take place in Green Park, London, on 28 June.

My uncle, Donald Annan (after whom I am named) served in No. 75 (RNZAF) Squadron, part of Bomber Command, and was killed aged 20 in 1940. (See my 2011 blog on visiting Westminster Abbey and viewing his name in the Memorial Book.)

Since I will be in London on that very day, I contacted the NZ Veteran Affairs Department to see if I could obtain tickets. They promptly rang me and said that they may have a few tickets to spare and would let me know. As of today, I have not heard back but am still hoping to attend the ceremony. If I get the tickets, I will take my daughter Kirsty (who resides in London) so that the family “memory” and recognition of this tragic waste of life and potential stays alive for another generation.

It will be a unique and moving event, I’m sure. There are 32 actual veterans from NZ who will be attending, with all expenses paid by the NZ Government. It makes a nice change from the attendance of politicians only at such events.

See further information about the memorial at http://www.bombercommand.com/.