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A bit quiet in the blogosphere

Sorry we haven’t posted more before now – the last two weeks have been mostly with our UK family, so not too much of wider interest so far. Also, our access to our photos has been quite limited since last Friday.

Never mind, we will now post a few things up in the next 2 days, not necessarily in date order.

It is now Thursday and we have been in Hove (near Brighton, but emphatically NOT part of Brighton, according to the locals – a bit like Hastings and Havelock North with no less of the attendant snobbery) for 7 days. The weather has been horrible – steady rain and gusty winds, and this is midsummer!

Today is the first day with sun and we have had a very pleasant morning in the city. The deckchairs are now for hire on the beach and the knotted handkerchiefs are out in force, along with beachside open-air cafes allowing the Poms to indulge in their cups of tea al fresco.

Brighton Seafront

Pip, Bruce and grandson Angus